Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spent the day on trying to find seeds to concepts. Here's some base thoughts:
Side of a high, narrow mountain (like a infinite version of that sharp mountain in Lord of the rings) breakes up to a mouth and a gap with extremely long teeths is opening. The mouth is slashing it's teeths together until they start to brake to pieces, finaly leaving a more normal mouth.

Last week I went to a club were the building (a church) created a really weird resonanse, the effect on the pee in the urinals was really interesting. It would be nice to put that into a different context, maby black liquid with some oily specularity? Maby even film a bucket of water with a subwoofer attached on the bottom. Talked to a friend, Camilo, if he was keen to make some beats with accompanying MIDI code to control the pattern making. Luckily he was with me at the club and seen "the toilet effect" live so the idea didn't sound to weird to him. So test coming up next week.

Also got some old ideas which I thought of reinventing but they are to abstract to talk about so far. Somehow I want to use all the techniques I've been using lately. A combination I definitly see working is fluid simulation of fogs and lifedrawing. Still need a context though. But it looks like I'm heading for something more realistic then "Correlations" this time.

And now, saturday night. Whine or wine? Maby both.

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