Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Short basic thoughts about music and video.

A direct conversion between sound and video is pointless. Ears deals with kHz, for an eye a signal at that frequency would be blurred out to white or at best case, noise. Paradoxical, in competition, the vision is what brings the exformation (tried to find a better word, the word itself gets a little paradoxical when nobody knows what it means). Only under visual pauses or by viewers resistance can the music play the lead role. This is just one example that put them in two separate spaces.

But the matchstick that creates both a sound and light are one and the same thing, and with the sound and the light rejoined in our brains they blend together to the feeling of that object. As our brain is one of the last mysteries- somewhere to send confused young men with flags into- we seem to have encountered a interesting border of our understanding of stuff and I say it's worth exploring.

I thought of a small experiment related to this. Make a nice little melody, output the melody as MIDI, connect it to visuals, set up the visual so it creates a motion that resembles the feeling that the sound made. Connect the visual to generate MIDI code in a fashion that captures that motion. Use the MIDI to generate a sound that resembles that motion AND that works in conjunction with the first little tune. It would be like someone in sound space sent a message to visual space. There it got interpreted and an answer were sent. Sound land understood, played it's music and although one was deaf and the other blind they could sing and dance together. And they worked for public service and lived happily ever after until a right wing government cut their funding.

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