Sunday, March 25, 2007

CHOPs at work?

As I got offered a one year contract at DNeg there was the following question in what I was to work with. The company hasn't defined a plan for me but it seems like there is an invisible game in who get to do what. It's partly the law of the jungle but I've put this as my first priority in my negotiations and it seems to give results. To my surprise I might end up doing crowd simulations. More precisely -I might help designing a pipeline mainly using CHOPs in Houdini. This is very interesting as this is the tools by which you connect music and graphics. When this is 100% certain I will probably decrease the focus on colour and environment in my animation and emphazise the musical and motion aspects.
Also, the other two guys involved in this seems to have a lot of experience from this and it will be a great oportunity to learn from them.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Doing the background fully 3d and proceduraly was rather pointless so I simply drawn one in Photoshop instead. That together with some fiddling with the settings in the comp gave me this new test.

I've got two things left to do with this, insert small lights on the spheres when they fall off the tree. Reanimate them and give them their individual colour. Yes- it will be red, green and blue. Perhaps I'll also do a new round on the backgound, as the painting proved to work so well it might be worth it. Might need to introduce some clouds int the background. But I need to move on pretty soon.

Tomorrow I have a new contract renevalmeeting with my company, that's probably where I need to take a stand to get the chance to work with a big growing plant. Knowing that kind of stuff would be very interesting. VJ Krute got a post about it here. When thinking in a longer perspective in how I through work slowly build up a library of artistic techniques I feel that there's a huge space opening up infront of me. It feels like I get more words in my inner language.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Late night story boarding

Just after a brilliant and funny concert by Chow Chow I got an decent idea for musicvideo. Two persons in a typical slacker room, each with laptop, slighty sped up playback. They're communicating but you don't hear what they say. When one does something with the computer a sound appears, when the other does something with his computer a visual event spawns in the room in respons to a sound in the music- the light switch, the fireplace burst out a flame or the wall vibrates. The music, video and conversation evolves into some connected story, maby the characters start to disagree and start fighting with the music/video, maby the surrounding world is trying to annoy them and they find ways of overcome the problems, maby the song is taking over and they try to protect themselfs from it.

Speeking of film ideas. Here's one from the pub yesterday. A drunk farmer puts a dynamite into the behind of a pig or another funny animal, whatch it run away on a open field in the silent landscape of Sweden. Grey sky. Bored farmer. A single car runs by. Parents in the front seats are arguing. The bored kid in the backseat press his head against the window in try of getting some air through a small gap in top of the window. He watch the farmer and the running animal. The animal do a u-turn against the farmer who slowly start to run away but his alcohol drags him down and the small pig catches him. A boom. Blood and smoke. The car runs away. The end. It made sense yesterday.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The current state of the intro shot. I will make the background appear with the same technique I draw out the curves with. I've decided that that this flowing look will hold the overall feeling of the animation. I like that these ribbons have an absolute form but in groups they create a loosely defined shape. This together create a sense of abstraction. I use the sense of recognition within the work to give a sense of alternative reality, that there are physical laws in this world but not the same as in ours.

Travel and a friggin good concert by Dave Matthews got in the way for any progress the latest time. Also got back to work were I'll do some "white wizard" shots for the Potter film. Weird to do exactly the same thing as in Stardust- transforming people to fog and back. I felt a lot more free when I approach it this time which feels good but it got me thinking that maby the effect lies very well with the time/technology right now and that we will see a number of them the coming time.

Back to operation "reclaim the hangover".