Tuesday, November 25, 2008

updateI deal

Filling out the background with sorrowful cool urban youngsters. Thought it be ironic that in the aftermath of our lifestyle we, the grand kids of god's murderers, will find ourselfs in a state of collective guilt, typical for christians. The contrast between "identity" and "faith" also hold some tention rendering the people malplace. Maby it's the "individuality" versus the "collective" causing this?

Monday, November 24, 2008

generic dump

After my film was done I've put myself in a state of idleness. I've spent some time on a few random ideas with no deadline in mind. I think I didn't want to post anything here as that would be seen as progress when I really didn't want to "progress". I will get back on track soner or later but to not let this blogg be eaten up by some droning software from Blogger I post the two latest things I've done. The grayscale one still being WIP.