Tuesday, June 9, 2009

watercolour horizon test

Did some tests with filming watercolour diffusing through paper and water. Here's a test comp with one of the resulting elements from the water test, comped ontop of the horizon picture.

The vibration is from me adding more spots in the water and the noise is due to little light exposure. I'll correct this for next test.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

horizon picture v001

Photo for BG to the "Goodbye" project.

Also tested some colourful CG curves against this, these will be synched to an instrument in the music, the previously mentioned resonance patterns will be another layer. Later this week I'm also planning to shoot some close ups video footage of watercolour spreading through wet paper. My hope is that this will work together with the colourful shapes. After some inspiration from the cool hubble sky map I want to create the effect of something majestic and slow. Micro worlds, in this case watercolour diffussion, offen mimics macro behaviour better then our inbetween scale.