Monday, November 14, 2011

shed 220 v001

Liquid expansion overview (missing 30 frames). Feel I want to change a few things here, a clearer light coming from the energy blob outside top screen, the speed may be too fast and the liquid comes out from nowhere (which is fine but that 'nowhere' is in frame). I may also need to establish that the colour of the energy inside changes during these shots but I think I'll get them in decent shape and look at them together before making that call. So I'll probably just go to the next one.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Previz seq 1 version 3

Previz. Goo grows outwards and sips down underground, last frame is a cut through of the underground. I reckon I can throw out the overground shots fairly quickly but should move carefully to reach a nice underground look. I vision some kind of tunnel system where you see the light spread and bounce around as the goo moves down. At the same time the liquid becomes less frantic and the overexposed colours cools down to more saturated colours. Finally it comes out on the other side in and starts to build the crystal. I might need to start move the camera at some point as I think that from the camera and forward I got a free camera to emphasize all the space we got as we're now outside.