Wednesday, September 19, 2007

animated peak chart

Green is before peak oil red is after. I think this tells the story well and it will substitute my plan for export/import switch. I will put a gradient color on the one who's about to change as I am to stop the time at 2007. I will write some stuff on data certainty but only post it on a webpage as I generally don't prioritize the academic details here.

I also got a nasty deadline taking shape. What's coming after this clip is a boat from west to middle east to get oil. In the real world the US navy is getting closer a strike on Iran by each day -a to good paralell to miss for a director.


krute said...

följer med spänning. men, vad var det med texten där uppe? bort med ,5!! och långsammare. men det kanske var självklara saker du redan tänkt på?

Björn Henriksson said...

Jo det skall fixas. Detta ar bara openGL version, utseendet ar langt fran fardigt.