Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Man's cycling, oilsplash turns bike to car, car picks up speed and going upphill while morphing to a modern car. Oilsplash and car turns to airplane, passanger sleeping, airplane straighten out curve and going allmost flat, audio implicates slowdown, image freezes and zooms out. Hubberts curve, pointer towards the peak and sign screams "You are here". Transition to spinning earth, map unfolds pangea which unfolds to world map. Time counter shows 1850(?) when oil burst out somewhere and that region turns green, bottom screen shows graphically "red = importer , green = exporter" time goes on and oil pops up around the world and those regions all turn green, countries start to turn red and at 2007 the map is allmost half red half green, time stops and the geographical regions are scaled after their fuel export, Middle East is a big blob, then regions are scaled after fuel consuming and we see three eyes popping up at the three regions that are superior in size/fuel consuming - US, Europe and India/China. Boat leaves US and some smaller ones follows it from Europe, boat caravan heads around Africa and into Middle East. Transition to a hand that reach out money, answered by second hand who reach out finger, first hand reach out gun, second hand reach out oil barrel, barrel leans over and goes into machine, machine outputs gadgets and hamburgers, stuff goes out on line and into shopping cart, shopping cart is pushed by man, zoom out displays man and cart in modern city, camera moves goes up and back to airplane, plane is starting to go down, through the square windows we see people goes around screeming, two people shoots on each other and one guy stands up in the middle and gets killed. Further back people are jumping of with big sticks with windpower looking objects, zoom out, the planes curve is a steep downhill and into a crash while the jump off guys goes upwards and the guy who jumped first is furthest up and closest a godray shimmer that blends the scene.

Now is the time for critisism.

Monday, June 25, 2007

morph final

In the mental mist of mondays when nothing but the autonomous parts goes through inspection- it's time for some leftover repetative tasks. Here we go, the whole car morph, only minor settings changes will differ from final as I am pretty satisfied how this behaves, very continual and I feel that the some middle stages actually recognise some older car models. The time spent in developing the 3d brush payed off.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Car morph test

Here's a basic test of the car morph. The model is incomplete and I need to tweak the setting for the lines but the look of the morph feels good. Maby I need to put some work into some intermediate transition effects as the final blend sequence will be a lot longer in time and may then feel to linear. Any how, one less problem.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've decided that the car/airplane will ride on a oil wave while going up for the curve in the intro. Here's a test of a small peace from this. It would be very cool to put in a few graphs with arrows in the middle of that.

Storyboard segment

introduction->short history of oil-> focus on middle east-> boat aproaching middle east then come this:
1. Hand reach out money.
2. Hand gives the finger
3. Hand reach out gun
4. Hand push over oil
5. Oil rins into machine
6. Div products goes out on a line
7. And out on a shelf and into a shopping car

Next follows a zoom-out in a urban environment with cars and machines creating a chaos driven by non human energy. The zoomout ends in the same airplane that we saw in the introduction where chaos brakes loose as the plane has ran out of gas. I'll close the gaps in the storyboard when I've worked theme out.

Monday, June 18, 2007

World map

Is it an orange on a stick?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

dneg green logo

Made a logo for the environmental group in my company. Here's the original dneg logo, and here's mine.