Friday, January 12, 2007

Every movement starts with a founding statement. This is not a movement.

Starting to get some results from Houdini. Discovered VOP:s today wich greatly enhance the mathematical side of the software. Also, the possibility to construct you're own nodes from VOPs is amazing for optimizing evaluation. I've fianally got my curves generation to work as flexible as I wanted. Check animation. More tech shite, they're all generated by a ordinary particle system, the mesh is then created procedurally by trails and vops. Scene file here. My point with these are to get the possibility to draw curves with a undefined volume. I guess I need to enhance the look of them to show this effect though. I'm guessing the inspiration for these came from the magic my coworker, Pawel Grochola, designed for Stardust (if you see the film, check out the green stuff). This is just a vague reflection of his results which are truly magical.

Inspiration, yeah. Visited the future in Apple store which hosted RadarFilmFestival and later I droped by the past and saw selecions from the works of hardcore animator Norman McLaren doing the same thing as me but half a century ago. Animation of abstract shapes which he painted directly on the film tighed together with music and sounds. Best was probably a "Study of horizontal lines" which also killed the rules about sequels - the "Study of vertical lines" was not in the same league although I think they were 90 degrees from being identical.

Should get some sleep now though. I'll have to design some stuff tomorrow as I'm starting to pile up a bunch of gadgets but I have no context for them.

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