Monday, May 4, 2009

horizon concepts

Sketched on the horizon look that the patterns from previous posts would be placed against. This is ment to be live photage later on but I did these tests to think through colours and such. Hopefully I will take some test photos soonish.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Bumped into this picture at the vvvv homepage. Apperently it's created from "cymatic" patterns, meaning overlapping waves creating resonance. With more complex setups this can the mimic the complex behaviours that we usually only contribute to living things. I think this might be a good startpoint for the aurora-borealis-like effect I might do for a audio visualisation project. The idea would be to fade in/out new waves to the mix for every new tone in the music.

Here's a video for a simple setup with three waves with their centerpoint animated. The first still to the left is one of the frames with some random distortion and colours applied to it. The second is when removing one of the waves. As there is nothing in theory that stop these from becoming 3d objects I might get into that at some point.