Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Computers is a couple of times faster then a man when it comes to adding millions of numbers together. To bad we have to have someone sitting and waiting for the computer to finish. To bad that someone is me. To defend my position in the hierarchy I set my other work-computer on render some of my tests. I've messed around with shapes described from mathematicall expressions and here's an example. Here's the same thing with some animated parameters.
Source of inspiration: Jos Leys knots and dynamic gallery.
I am now pretty sattisfied with the tools and knowledge I got from "Houdini". I need some basic shading test done and then I'm ready to deal with actual work. Feels like I've got a decent flow going as I'm off to Sweden tomorrow and transportation time usually means time to think freely so I'm hoping for some new concepts to emerge then. Speeking of such, I've been thinking of creating some kind of ball of knots driven by inner turbulence. This could later be used for the "blimps" in the concept previously sketched up.

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