Wednesday, March 5, 2008

General update

Generall update. Fixing glitches and added some love to the ending.
Things left to do before first final.
-some kind off explanatorial for the "peak oil" concept
-better framing for guys dealing oil/money,
-scrap glow on dollar sign
-fix transition between city/planechrash
-show cabin in airplane
-animate guy that being shot at in airplane
-coal for coaler
-lighting for plane wreck
-at least two more animated windmill guys
-plane brakeing
Not a lot really. If they keep letting me sit and wank around at work I'll be done next week.


Camilo said...

Nice one Bjorn, its coming along brilliantly. I'm just getting started with the sounds. I've recorded cars, bikes, water splashes, balloon inflation (for the world map export vs. usage). No planes yet... What's the character with the shovel on the plane wing just before it crashes about?

Hope you're well mate, speak soon. I'm back in London for a couple of weeks next week

Björn Henriksson said...

nice one C!
he's shoveling coal. The last thing that happens is that the plane is braking up into shards (fairly slowely and harrmonical) and floating away in different directions. I might need 1-2 sec more between the graph and the world map to describe the world peak.

I'll be off to Rome for a week this friday, let's see where we are after that.