Saturday, March 22, 2008


I'm back baby! After a hysteric museum touring last few weeks I finally reeched culture overload at the Louvre this morning. Maby I'll write something about my thoughts around it but right now I feel nothing but a humble admirer for the masters whose work should speek for it self. What's more interesting though is that I've got a lot of inspiration to do some proper 2d stuff. This guy is one of many speed drawings and can mark the beginning or the scepticism all ambitious projects should be met by in the beginning.

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Einar said...

Hej Björn. Tack för kommentaren, det är den typen av respons som är bland den bästa. Har känt blindheten flera gånger, svårt att utvecklas med enbart dunkar i ryggen. En kortare variant är nu i hamn. Kram.