Thursday, January 24, 2008

First End

Ending1_01 (please don't mind the codec)
vad som syns har ar:
1. We back out from the city to the plane
2. Airplane loose altitude
3. Crazyness in the cockpit, struggle about the wheel o' somethin
4. In the plane passanger are shooting at each other and people are killed in crossfire. guns and screems through vissible text like "Ahhhh" and "Bang"
5. On the wings people load coal into the engines and thich black smoke flows out
6. Comical crash, plane is folded into something that looks more like a turd then realistic wreck
7. Bycicle man goes by and rings bell
8. Back in time
8. People climb out airplane and mounts windturbines on it.
9. Plane trajectory is straighting out
10. Speed decline
11. Plane dissintegrate into pieces
12. Pieces all has at least one guy and one wind powerplant each, they part and fades into the surrounding in an abstract manner
13. I do something completely different

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