Tuesday, January 8, 2008

City comp

Added elements from my weekend work to the city. Comp here. Some allready made stuff are still missing- roads, a refined BG, non flickering ocean surface and some changes to the text. Overall I think it's getting a bit cheesy so hopefully I can tone it down just tweaking the colours.


krute said...

looks good. couldnt read "electricity" at the first glance though, you might wanna enlarge/change camera?


ps. jag har hittat en ny anledning att ta mig till london nu! får se när dock...

Björn Henriksson said...

Yeah but I've found that it only accounts for 2% of Americas production electricity production so I thought that maby I should lay low with that but at the same time I it took some time to do that so I'll thought I'll just keep it as an element?
More to the point, I really want focus on "food" in the last frame.