Sunday, March 25, 2007

CHOPs at work?

As I got offered a one year contract at DNeg there was the following question in what I was to work with. The company hasn't defined a plan for me but it seems like there is an invisible game in who get to do what. It's partly the law of the jungle but I've put this as my first priority in my negotiations and it seems to give results. To my surprise I might end up doing crowd simulations. More precisely -I might help designing a pipeline mainly using CHOPs in Houdini. This is very interesting as this is the tools by which you connect music and graphics. When this is 100% certain I will probably decrease the focus on colour and environment in my animation and emphazise the musical and motion aspects.
Also, the other two guys involved in this seems to have a lot of experience from this and it will be a great oportunity to learn from them.

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