Sunday, March 18, 2007

Doing the background fully 3d and proceduraly was rather pointless so I simply drawn one in Photoshop instead. That together with some fiddling with the settings in the comp gave me this new test.

I've got two things left to do with this, insert small lights on the spheres when they fall off the tree. Reanimate them and give them their individual colour. Yes- it will be red, green and blue. Perhaps I'll also do a new round on the backgound, as the painting proved to work so well it might be worth it. Might need to introduce some clouds int the background. But I need to move on pretty soon.

Tomorrow I have a new contract renevalmeeting with my company, that's probably where I need to take a stand to get the chance to work with a big growing plant. Knowing that kind of stuff would be very interesting. VJ Krute got a post about it here. When thinking in a longer perspective in how I through work slowly build up a library of artistic techniques I feel that there's a huge space opening up infront of me. It feels like I get more words in my inner language.

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