Sunday, June 19, 2011

first story board and close up concept

Currently mapping out the whole project to sketch out the "story" and to be able to break it down into subtask. To the left, photos of the first story board, last image is a test for one of the frames in the first storyboard pictures. More shots will be added to this story board but I'm trying to find what's needed to show to create a flow in the storytelling. Through this I also found that I will probably ask some of my talented friends to help out on some corners, especially some design jobs of the more important shots. What happens in the story- field expands, builds up mass and fluid behaviour, leeks through floor cracks, fluid comes out in strings and creates vein like structures, expands through organic growth behaviour, growth builds up shells, expands seemlessly ontop the surrounding topology, pullout shows a larger similar structure, expansion builds up chambers, white energy channels out to chambers spawning a new growth cycle , pullout shows larger branch structure, pullout shows larger tree structure, tree on edge of cliff, growth of branches shifts balance out over the cliff, cliff brakes of and tree disapears into the void below. Apart from developing this further, I will in the near future work on developing the look on the different environments. As a general idea I will probably change the "filter" of the video to look more clean as things gets bigger. Think - first is a microcosmos last frame is outer space.

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