Tuesday, February 12, 2008

body art

An anxious night a while back, while trying to sleep, I had an idea of what I could do for Daliga Gatans next gig. I told it for Simon the dude who wanted in on this one. This is a chunk of what I've brushed up tonight.
We took photos of ourselfs in the bathroom, smudge them together in PhSh, collected all the photos we had with a "near and human" feel to it. Still got some work to finish up before Saturday when our naked skin could be cover the wall of Norrlands Operan.

1 comment:

Einar said...

Hej Björn.


Inspiration samt känslan av att inte vara ensam i strävan efter hållbar utveckling? Ganska häftig idé och kille iallafall.
Tack för hjälpen i urvalet av bilderna till tidningen förresten, det blev mhiike bra.