Monday, October 1, 2007

Activation map

In a misdirected coffee rush I collected the loose pieces I've been throwing around in my head on a short project. "Visualisation of activation"- I guess you could call it.
A person get some information on something, if you manage to wake him off he get's pissed off, he maby pass on the info, thus increasing the total activation sum but with time the interest is sinking and without renewed source of activation the person becomes passive again.
Imagine a nodal network of these persons, each visualised as a light. When they get activated by input signals they switch on and then fade off. When they're switch off they are hard to awake but once they're switched on they pass on energy to neighbours. Pretty basic stuff really, it's gonna be like a flashing grid but I believe that if you gradually increase the input signals there is a value where enough nodes has become active and the system is capable of sustaining it's energy. The inputed energy will then jusy pile up until it's all flickering as one big warning sign. Short but cool looking and intutive. And also a bit hopeful, I thought such thoughts would be good for a change.


krute said...

It is called percolation. It models fluids in porous media, but its universal properties are shared by all "critical phenomenons" in that that it has for example a critical threshold for when the water goes through (i.e. people make a revolution in your case). It is pretty interesting stuff, random graphs and probability theory on them and so on.
Oh, and Daniel is making a PhD on the subject, so you should listen to him instead.

Björn Henriksson said...

Cool, obviously there would be a papers on this but I had no idea that Daniel did one. Interesting.