Monday, February 5, 2007

Feeling what's "free" in "free art". Working without deadline or target groups is like standing up after a long car ride.

As the board is set I am now playing out the pieces against each other. The curves for the chaossphere in movement is shown here. What you see is curves being drawn from points flowing around on a animated object. As if a dozen pencils ran around on it and drew a line in thin air. I like the way the object's shape gets more definied when it's resting and then turns undefined and flowing when it starts to move. (Like the dude in "Riddick", but better;). The idea is now that I will use the lSystem I previosly done and animate this along it's developing branches and then form a shape in the end of a tip of a branch. This shape then be the "seed"/chaossphere/blimp. Test of the flowing here. This test confirmed what progress should do, state more questions. I need to think about timing, this mostly comes down to music. I also need to think about colors. As music is determined by external factors I take the color issue first and get around to that tomorrow.

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