Sunday, March 20, 2011

noise burp

Sample movie. Following the introduction of our new art group I'm back to work on the project mentioned in previous posts. Here's a test of an element that is to represent some kind of strong sound or collision. So far I'm still very undecided when it comes to composition. In pursuit of formulating the motions I think I can imagine I find through my tests that there's still blind spots on them and so I'm mearly collecting parts in search for a whole. I suspect I'm outside my comfort zone here as I don't have the same perspective over the creative process as I'm used to.


kristoffer said...

I think you should make your animations longer, even if that amounts to just running them in slow motion. It can be difficult seeing what actually happens on this one..

Björn Henriksson said...

Hah! When putting the post together I heard you saying exactly this and almost included an excuse for it. But yeah, you're right, and I've also compromised on complexity. Thing is, it takes 15 minutes to render this on my laptop. Thankfully, I'm finally settled enough to own objects bigger then the inside of a backpack and recently order a new monster machine.