Saturday, May 19, 2007

In about a year I have tried to find ways of putting issues of the world in the form of animation. My first attempt in this series, which I have named "Things we know", will be peak oil. A lot of things in this world can be simplified by using graphs. The pendulums velocity and the seasons both looks like a wave when drawn against time in a graph. The entropy in the universe and the posts frequency on this blogg probably follow the same curve- they start high and then as time goes to infinit it aproaches zero. Hubberts peak is the theory that oil production will follow the curve like this and unlike my previous examples this is something that will have consequences for the human race. BIG consequence. Because we may be on the top. Maby we got ten more years but the oil production is going to sink and with that our economy. I will not go further into the politics or physiqs behind this but if you're not aware of the situation it is about time you pick up one of the many books on the subject as it will change you're life anyway and you might do better if you're prepared.
So that will be my subject and here's the storyboard to the introduction. It should be very simplified to keep the viewers interest and to get a wider audience. Detailed information have to come from reading and I don't want to use words. I haven't decided on what will come next, maby the consequenses from the oil crisis in 1973, previouse oil peaks around the world or other fossil fuels peaks. Everything is fucked in the world today and no one is fixing anything yet so I have pretty good material, the hard thing is to convert the events to images. Update coming relatively soon.

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